Frequently Asked Questions

SCL Israel organizes conferences and events, and publishes professional articles in order to promote knowledge, standardization and discussion in Israel’s construction industry.

SCL UK was formed in 1983. SCL Israel was formed in 2021.

SCL Israel is run by its council which is comprised of seventeen founding members.
Four of the founding members, make up the board. They act as the chair, vice chair, treasurer and general secretary, respectively.

See a list of our social events HERE

If you are a lawyer, engineer, scheduler, financial expert, contract manager, claim manager, project manager, project director, quality manager, project controller, business developer, finance manager, operations manager, maintenance manager or risk manager, or any other professional in the construction industry, the SCL can provide you with industry insights and local and global connections.

Members receive invitation to all SCL Israel events, gain access to publications on both SCL Israel and SCL UK websites, and receive ongoing updates and newsletters.

The annual fee is 200 NIS per annum.

Yes, you are most welcome to come as a guest of a member.

As part of your application, you will need to apply and pay the first year’s subscription in advance.

Click HERE to join.

A copy of the constitution can be found HERE. The Constitution is in Hebrew as per the directives of the Israel Ministry of Justice.

1. Membership to SCL ISRAEL does not carry a qualification as such, however SCL Membership may be mentioned in your CV.
2. Members who have a website can create a link to the SCL web site but the Society will only link to non-commercial organisations from its own website (www.scl.org.il).
3. SCL membership does not allow members to use the ISRAEL SCL logo as part of their individual or corporate promotional material.
4. The ISRAEL SCL logo can be used for promotional material involving events (such as conferences) in which the ISRAEL SCL is a key partner. However, permission to use the logo must always be obtained in writing first.

A full list of members of the SCL Council is available HERE.

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